Practical Angling, LLC, is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of freshwater fishing accessories, in particular, the Butt Dial. Operations are located in Cold Spring Harbor, NY and Leland, NC.

Practical Angling is an American company that designs practical fishing products in the USA. Product design, engineering, shipping, sales and marketing as well as quality assurance teams are all employed in the USA. Practical Angling manufactures overseas to help deliver the highest quality products at the best consumer price.

Owners, Chris Nehlen and Danny McGarry, each have several decades of fishing experience. Both fishermen faced challenges and frustrations on the water especially when carrying 30 rods or more. It became apparent to these avid fishermen that they needed to simplify and organize their rod and reel combos to ensure “success with no stress.” Along with critical input from experienced professional fishermen/women Chris and Danny created and designed the Butt Dial to simplify and organize fishing rods by line weight and line style.

The Butt Dial is a lightweight, and durable, “must have” accessory you’ll want to put on every rod.

As we say at Practical Angling, "Set it and never forget it."