Butt Dial Features

Why do I need Butt Dials on my rods?

Because the Butt Dial solves the age-old problem of keeping track of fishing line weights and
styles on multiple rods and reels. The Butt Dial offers a new and simple way to solve rod and
reel mix-ups forever. There is no longer a need to write on rod handles or sticky tape or on
reels with permanent marker. No more confusion when you grab a rod. No more wasting line,
money, and time.

Does every Butt Dial allow you to set all line styles and line size settings?

Yes. Each dial allows you to set 4 of the major line styles: Fluorocarbon, Braid, Monofilament,
and Copolymer as well as the most popular line weights from 4 lb to 80 lb test.

Does the Butt Dial fit on all rod handle types and butt sizes?

The Butt Dial fits on cork and EVA handles: standard or split grip.
1.187" (1 & 3/16") or larger. It will not fit snugly on smaller butts or butts
with round bottoms.

Will the dials accidentally move after the line style and size is set?

No. The two setting dials were designed to turn and hold tight, so they won’t vibrate or change
during use or transport by car or boat.

Will the Butt Dial break easily?

No. Butt Dials are made of durable and strong automotive grade polymer.

Can the Butt Dial get wet?

Yes. Butt Dials withstand rain or being submerged in freshwater.

Is the Butt Dial heavy and will it cause my rod to feel unbalanced?

No. Butt Dials are very lightweight (about ¾ oz). You won’t even know they are on your rod.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. 100% money back guarantee if returned in original package. Customer service must be contacted in advance and show photo proof. info.buttdial@gmail.com/ Please not returns will not be accepted because of incorrect measurements by consumer.

Shipping policy

Do you charge for shipping?


FREE SHIPPING on all orders 

Return policy 

Can I return my order for a full refund?

Yes, if your order is returned undamaged in original package. There may be a restocking fee.
As the buyer, you are responsible for return shipping charges. If you receive an order, and there is product damage, please contact us at info.buttdial@gmail.com.

If there was postal damage, with photo proof, we will replace your product order free of charge.