The Butt Dial quickly and easily attaches to all rod butts 1” in diameter or larger. Set the dials on this product to remember precisely the type of line on each rod/reel combo. It eliminates the need to write directly on reels or use messy tape on rod butts. This product is very lightweight and built with durable plastic to ensure many years of service.

— Bassmaster Magazine: Nov/Dec 2020

Anglers have used everything from masking tape to magic markers to mark pound test and type of line for years. Some line and reel manufactures have stuck their toes in the water for a solution as well. Practical Angling believes they have a solution that puts the type of line and pound test into an adjustable dial called "Butt Dial" that allows the angler to quickly know what type of line and how heavy it is with just a glance. Butt Dial slips over the butt of the rod to take the guesswork out of the equation.

-T Brown, Wired2Fish

OK guys, I wanted to give my review on a new product called the Butt Dial. A funny play on words but when you see what it is you will understand why it is call the Butt Dial. What is the Butt Dial - The Butt Dial is a dial that fits on the butt of a fishing rods (1” in diameter or larger) and lets you set line style and line size so you can quickly see what is strung on each rod you have. Set it and NEVER forget it. So, I purchased 2 Butt Dials for $25. First thing I will say is that was some of the fastest shipping I have seen yet. I was lucky enough to get them a day or 2 before my trip to Huntington Harbor. SO, I quickly dialed them in and set them on my rods that I would be taking with me fishing. The dials are set pretty tight so you can move them around to show Mono, or Braid and the line weight. But you do not need to worry about moving the dial when casting or moving them in and out of your rod holders. They stayed in place all night for me. The next thing I was concerned with was would they move in and out of my PVC rod holders. Not an issue the fit perfect in my rod holders behind my set. The rod holding in the front (Caddis Single rod holder version) could fit it but it was a little tight just so you know. I have heard already that if you have that mean rods that you would need something like this, then you have to many rods. OK is this a joke LOL I think most of us would agree "You cannot have to many Rods LOL" I will say this if you are like most weekend worriers you will string your rod and not get to use it for a while. So, when you do get to your rods now there is a device that is on the end of your rod reminding you what you have on each setup. The idea behind "Set it and Never Forget it". I think this is a pretty cool idea you should check it out for yourself. The Butt Dial Set It and Never Forget It.

- Jeff Cpr Bernier, La Habra, CA

“I have a couple of these on my spinning rod combos bc I forget what pound test fluoro I have on each rod. I have six but am getting more bc they make my life easier knowing what line I have on my rods it a quick glance. Greatest little gadget for a hardcore fisherman with a lot of rods.”

-William Loll

“Super stoked to try out the Butt Dial produced by some of my friends. Can’t wait to put it to the test on a million different line weights/combos that I have rigged up for Ontario and the St. Lawrence this week. I got a few to try and I’m certain they will be on the end of every rod in the rod locker, shortly.”

-John Mcaloney

"It's fantastic to see someone advance a great new idea for our sport. Bravo, I'll take a dozen."

-Cory M

Nice idea. Very creative.

-Anonymous Angler

Pretty cool idea, I dig it!

-Anonymous Angler

That’s a great idea, when you have 30 rods in a locker. It’s hard to keep track.

-Anonymous Angler